What are Thermoplastic Road Markings?

Posted on September 2, 2019 at 12:56 PM UTC

The thermoplastic road markings are composed of glass beads and synthetic resin. Generally, it is in powder form and is converted into solid form after going through series of process. In order to get the desired form, technologically advanced specialized machines are utilized during the construction process.

Before getting it to the marking machine, paint is melted thoroughly. The road markings can be done by applying the hot and cools into a road line. Following which, additional pigments are added to get the colored form. The thermoplastic has good corrosion resistance property; thus, it can adhere strongly to the surface.

After a long time, this color pigments can fade away. In order to retain the original color, extra additives can be added. One of the best things is it has a high percentage of reflective capabilities. Therefore, Thermoplastic road marking paint coating can be effectively used to make the touch up of its previous markings.

  • Safety benefits

With the ever-increasing traffic, following the road rules with hectic lifestyle is almost difficult for everyone. Using thermoplastic markings can be an added advantage. As thermoplastic has good reflecting property, it is easier to see things at night through the naked eye. Even if the weather condition is poor, people can manage the things.

This Road Marking Paint plays a vital role in raising the awareness of upcoming danger. In some heavy traffic area and school zone, this marking can be laid thicker, makes it a flexible solution to create rumble strips with which a driver can feel a sensible vibration or a mild rumbling noise.  By giving a mild vibration, these markings help driver prevent major accidents and injuries.

  • Durability

The best part of Thermoplastic road marking paint is it is blessed with great strength and durability. Also, this road marking will be long-lasting and not prone to rust and corrosion. The corrosion resistance property of this thermoplastic material enables the road maintenance service to spend low cost. The thermoplastic markings can be used on road, car park and other such applications where surface glass is required.

  • Applications

 Anyone can enjoy the benefits of using thermoplastic- whether it is a cyclist, motorist, pedestrians etc. The customized marking technology enables everyone to use it in all forms of markings, including cycle lanes, car parks, bus lanes, bus stops, children parks, and similar endeavors. One of the most common applications of thermoplastic is horizontal road signage.

In order to incorporate advanced features in school zones, this horizontal road signage became essential things that compromise the stop signs or guide traffic. When it comes to providing additional information for the driver, thermoplastic markings are an ideal solution.  Additionally, it is imperative for one who often travels at night and midnight time.

With its high retro-reflectivity property, this road marking can be used to maximize the visibility. There are different types of Road Marking Paint available, which include car park markings, playground markings, warehouse markings, sports court markings, safety markings and much more.

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