Top Twelve Advantages of home Alarm System for End Client

Posted on September 3, 2019 at 12:43 PM UTC

Here we are defining about all top advantages of Alarm System. Contact AMITEK Smart Homes for any types of query or question regarding our security system or dealership.

  • If your house is protected by our security system, a guy with bad intentions can't enter in the house when you are sleeping at night. No guy with bad intentions can enter the house when the house is left vacant, In case a bad guy tries for an intrusion whether you are away or when you are sleeping, system will raise an alarm. Along with alarm system will inform 8 pre decided mobile numbers about the event.
  • Also the system will alert the 24 X 7 AMITEK CONTROL STATION about the event. So an alert operator will again talk to the client about the event and will also inform him about the zone number broken.
  • An alert operator will also inform pre decided client's friends/relatives in case a same was advised to him initially by the client.
  • You also need an alarm so that your family members in an emergency situation can press the panic switch in house at different locations.
  • Panic can be used in medical emergency or also in case of an intruder trying to enter.
  • This is the only preventive way to protect the premises and loved ones from an intruder. CCTV is a system to back trace the event after it has happened. Dogs can be silenced, guards caught sleeping.
  • But your alarm is temper proof. Works even if somebody cuts the cables also if somebody switch off the power supply.
  • A normal house will have door sensors on all external doors. Motion sensors in common areas and box rooms, Panic switches along the bed sides. Vibration sensors on glass panels. Laser beams on external boundary.
  • Along with this a normal home alarm will have one central brain and few key pads to arm and disarm plus it will have one siren inside and one outside.
  • Client can ARM and DISARM Security system and its zones at will. That means at night Client can Arm in Home Mode keeping all his sensors and zones in Arm Mode but at the same time can keep his Bedroom Motion sensors off.
  • Client can go for Wireless Technology also. But given an opportunity you should go for wired one Wireless needs Batteries to be replaced in each sensor, every few months or years depending upon the quality of product selected.
  • A quality system average value would be around 40 to 80 thousand INR.
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