Product Code: AHA 5013
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Time Clock:
Built in time clock with central
DTS day time adjustment
Muslim 5 Prayer Times function
according to city Longitude and Latitude
Logic Lines:  Total 960 logic lines: 240 Tables, each 4 Logic lines.
Logic Commands:  Simplified logic commands like: (if, or, nand, nor +255 Flags)
- Upgrade IO :  1 x mini USB port (to connect to special programming board)
- Operation Protection :  Polarity Protection  • BUS Short Circuit Protection
- TIS BUS DC Supply :  24VDC with flexible tolerance  between 8-32VDC.
- Power consumption: 15mA
- Installation : 35mm DIN-Rail Mount Ready,   Wall Mount Ready (4P)
- Operating Environment : 0º to 45ºC ambient temperature,  20% to 93% RH
- Dimensions & Weight :  W 91mm x L 73mm x H 75mm,  Packed weight 0.22 kg
-  Working with TIS bus protocol
-  PC anti-flame case.
-  UL USA  certified terminal, ICs and PCB.
-  Product CE certified.


Central Time Clock and Main Automation Controller. It is the smart system servant that assist and monitor temperature, events, with main Targets: maintain, safeguard, protect and economize. It Can Trigger prayer announcements, reminders, alerts, macros, and moods. Each Logic module Consist of 240 tables, Each Table of 4 programmable Logic Lines totaling up to 960 Line of Logics using simplified (and, Or Nand, Nor, with 255 Flags). logical condition consist of trigger combinations like: time, scene Light channel status, curtain status, room temperature, security mode, day night, time... and so on