Product Code: AHA 5020
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-  4 buttons for lighting , scene and other controlling function

-  Each button has  2 LED colors blue & red

-  each button has LED backlit with laser engraving.

- Can Be programmed manually or by TIS software.

-  built-in Infrared receiver. 

-  It has  7 different colors with nice finishing.

-  Can be attached to any type of Panel Addition.

-  Working with TIS bus protocol

-  PC anti-flame case.

-  UL USA  certified  terminal, ICs and PCB.

-  Product CE certified

With 4 buttons . 2 colors LED for each button and backlit, this Panel has built in IR receiver for remotely control by TIS-MRC hand held remote control,   the Mars Series designed to fit in any back box (US, UK, Europe standard) , this Panel can use any type of Panel Addition for TIS Bus network  connection to controlling the lights, music, air-condition, motor and other appliances.