Product Code: AHA 4114
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-  Strong relay each of  10Amps.

-  Can be used for FCU Fan speed, lighting or shutter.

-  Can Be programmed manually with TIS panels. 

-  Economic Cost suitable for residential and offices Project.

-  Low Noise and Fast Relay Switch.

-  Include 12 built in scenes and sequences,

-  LED for network life and for each channel indicator .

-  Working with TIS bus protocol

-  ABS anti-flame case.

-  UL USA  certified relay, terminal, ICs and PCB.

-  Product CE certified.

It is designed to control  Fan speed valve , lighting and shutter , this Module supports 12 independent channels of 10Amps

each,  it can be programmed manually for lighting , shutter ,  Fan Speed channels, or by PC for advanced Programming